New South Wales Branch Council

Each year, current ACHSM members based in NSW are invited to consider nominating for a position on the Branch Council. As ACHSM is the the peak professional body for health managers and executives in Australasia, Branch Councillors can directly contribute to supporting the organisation’s mission statement:

To be a leader in professional growth and development
Develop, equip and support high-performing health, community and aged care leaders to deliver quality services and improve community health and wellbeing.

April is usually the time that the NSW Branch Council retires a third of its councillors and commences a process to invite Branch members to lodge an expression of interest to become a Branch Councillor. In accordance with the ACHSM rules (clause 7.3.6), retiring Branch Councillors are eligible for re-election.

In light of the enormous disruptions caused by COVID-19, and the significant impact the virus is having on the workloads of many ACHSM members, a decision has been taken to extend the tenure of Branch Councillors whose three year terms are due to expire in 2020.

The length of the extension will be reviewed in the second half of 2020, and members will be notified of a new schedule at a suitable time.

Any enquiries about this issue can be directed to NSW Executive Officer, Kate Leonard at


Karen Patterson FCHSM


Christopher Horn FCHSM


Paul White FCHSM

Immediate Past President

Paul Preobrajensky FCHSM

Branch Councillors

Dr Sergio Diez Alvarez FCHSM
Eva Ballai FCHSM

Dominic Dawson FCHSM
Assoc Prof Godfrey Isouard FCHSM
Andrew Newton FCHSM
Connie Porter AFCHSM
Peta Andreone MCHSM (Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) member)


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Karen Patterson 



An active member since 2010, Karen undertook the ACHSM Fellowship Exam in 2015.

In 2017 she was elected to NSW Branch Council and led the NSW Branch ACHSM Mentor Program portfolio.

In 2018 Karen was elected Vice-President and in 2019 elected President of NSW Branch Council.

Karen brings a depth and breadth of health management experience. Karen is currently employed as the Director of Capability and Culture with the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission. Previous to this appointment, Karen has held executive and management posts within the fields of Policy, Education, Leadership, Practice Development, Governance, Strategy and Performance.

Karen has Advisory Board experience within government and the corporate sector. Karen is committed to lifelong learning and is currently a PhD candidate with UTS:Health.

​Christopher Horn



Christopher Horn was elected to NSW Branch Council in 2018.

Christopher leads the delivery of the NSW Bowel Cancer Screening Program at the Cancer Institute NSW. He is an Australian trained and internationally experienced clinician and manager, and a Fellow of the College.

Originally a radiation therapist, Christopher has also held roles in clinical redesign, public health, paediatric oncology and molecular imaging. His interests include the development of leadership capability and health system design.

Paul White



Paul is a highly experienced executive and management consultant with a deep understanding of the operating models, cultures and challenges currently facing healthcare based upon 20 years’ experience working at senior levels with providers, purchasers and system managers. He has worked in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and his style is to work collaboratively with senior managers either in small groups or facilitating large workshops. His operational experience is centred on ensuring good governance, appropriate strategic decision making (providing challenge and support where necessary) all backed up by a detailed understanding of data and evidence.

​Paul Preobrajensky


Immediate Past President

Paul Preobrajensky was elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2008 and appointed to the National Board in 2019.

Paul is a Health Industry Management Consultant, with experience in healthcare spanning 24 years and includes clinical and corporate management and governance roles. His recent roles have focused on strategic delivery, systems redesign and access improvement. His interests lie in the areas of health management, change management and governance. 

Eva Ballai



Eva was elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2019.  Eva has over 25 years’ extensive experience in the health care industry; 13 years in acute care settings, 14 years in Aged Care Senior / Executive Management (CEO, Director of Nursing, Facility Manager and Operations Manager) and 4 years as a Board Director in the Disability sector.

Eva is also a current serving member of the Australian Defence Force: Captain Specialist Nursing Officer.

Dominic Dawson

BPhysio, MHSE, MBA, Dip Government, Dip PM, GradCert, HRM, FCHSM, CHE


Dominic has extensive experience in the health sector as a clinician, educator and a health leader. Over the last 16 years he has held various senior management positions and has been instrumental in leading health reform implementation and clinical services improvement.

Elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2008, Dominic is a Fellow of the College and has previously held the position of NSW Branch President.

Dominic is currently on secondment as the Director Transition for the EDWARD Business Implementation Program at NSW Health. In this role Dominic is responsible for the transition from the current data warehouse to a new data warehouse for NSW Health that is being established. His substantiative position is the Associate Director, Business Intelligence and Efficiency at South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, leading a highly skilled team in the development and dissemination of intelligent information for organisational transformation. He also provides leadership in the implementation of Activity Based Funding at the Local Health District. 

Assoc Prof Godfrey Isouard



Appointed to the Board in 2009, Godfrey Isouard is Associate Professor of health Management at the University of New England. He has a medical science and public health background, and before moving to academia held senior clinical and health service executive positions. He is currently chair of the National ACHSM Education Committee, Foundation Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, and Past President of ACHSM NSW Branch and the Society for Health Administration Programs in Education. His research interests focus on leadership, evaluation and review of organisational performance, the health management workforce, and quality and safety improvement.

Andrew Newton



Andrew was elected to the NSW Branch Council in 2019. A registered nurse who practiced predominantly in operating theatres, Andrew has worked extensively in the NSW Health System in both rural and metropolitan services, holding a range of leadership positions.

Andrew is currently the CEO of The Northern Beaches Hospital.

Connie Porter



Connie Porter was elected to NSW Branch Council in 2017 and is the Chief Executive Officer, Ramsay Health Care – Port Macquarie.

Connie has experience in managing people, assets and services. Connie has held various leadership positions in both the private and public health sectors. With formal qualifications in nursing, midwifery, health service management and currently completing further studies in human resource management and industrial relations.

Connie has a keen interest in change management, business development, governance (both clinical and corporate), human resource management and leadership.