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Tap into FREE student membership

Membership is FREE to all students studying a Health Service Management degree accredited by ACHSM. There are a number of specific benefits that the College offers student members as they embark on their career as a health leader.

Connecting with the leaders in the sector

As a member you have numerous opportunities to meet and rub shoulders with health leaders through events, networking, mentoring and much more. You can rapidly expand your network within the industry and potentially meet your next employer!

Helping you find a great job

We have a range of career support tools including networking, job updates, and interview skills training.

Ensuring you have the right skills to do your job well

We provide a range of formal and informal learning opportunities, in-person and online, to ensure you are always on the cutting edge of health.

Using mentoring to guide your career

Our popular student mentoring program provides future health leaders with access to inside knowledge and connections with an experienced mentor who will help you to accelerate your career.

Apply for a health management internship

A unique experience that provides tremendous first-hand exposure to a cross-section of health management career paths, our Graduate Programs are a hothouse for future health leaders.

Raising your profile

You have the opportunity to be recognised and acknowledged for your achievements with a range of awards, qualifications and scholarships available to ensure you are noticed by existing and potential employers.

Making the right career decisions

It is vital that the first step in your career is in the right direction. With a wide range of opportunities available to build a successful career in healthcare management, you must get the support you need to make good career decisions from the beginning.

Jess Harris
Jess Harris
The Health Management Internship Program for me is about combining my passion for health with a post-graduate qualification, professional development and experience within the health sector. This program has provided me with the stepping stones to reach my career goals.