HMIP NSW information and how to apply

Thank you for your interest in the program, which you read about on this page. Applications for the 2024 Intake are now closed.

The ACHSM NSW Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) offers committed, high-potential Interns the opportunity to develop the skills, capabilities and knowledge required to start a career in managing the challenges and complexities of health service delivery across NSW. The program includes:

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Program eligibility

To be eligible for this program, applicants must:

Please read all the program documentation before submitting your application.

We value Aboriginal people’s individual and collective knowledge, skills and leadership capabilities in our workforce, and ACHSM strongly supports Aboriginal people to apply to complete the HMIP.

2023 graduation

Congratulations to the recent Graduates of the Health Management Internship Program.

The ceremony and celebrations were held in the offices of our sponsor Hall and Willcox with friends, family, placement organisation coordinators, College executives and guests.

Photo L-R: Adjunct Professor Annette Solman FCHSM, Director, HETI; Dominic Dawson FCHSM CHE, ACHSM NSW Branch Councillor; Karen Patterson FCHSM CHE, ACHSM NSW Immediate Past President; Alison Choy Flannigan FCHSM (Hon), Partner, Hall & Wilcox; Morgan Houston, Business Relationship Manager, HESTA; Samantha Ellenberger, NSW HMIP graduate; Sophie Lim, NSW HMIP graduate; Laura Zhang, NSW HMIP graduate; Benjamin Wilcox, NSW HMIP graduate

2024 intake: applications are now closed.

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Have you thought about how you could become a manager responsible for delivering healthcare in Australia? This is your opportunity!

Applications for the 2024 program intake are open from Friday 28 July to Sunday 20 August 2023 (NSW program) and until Friday 25th August 2023 (VIC program).

Applications for the 2024 program intake are open from Friday 28 July to Sunday 20 August 2023 (NSW program) and until Friday 25th August 2023 (VIC program).

The Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) offers a two-year development program to successful applicants to develop the skills, competencies, knowledge and Network to be a successful health manager.

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NSW 1st year interns

Monica Fajks

1st Year Intern

Monica is placed with the Far West Local Health District and is based in Broken Hill, where her first rotation is with the Allied Health and Integrated Community Services Directorate. Monica holds a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations). This degree has allowed her to immerse herself in the dynamic fields of digital media, marketing, advertising, and event management.

Monica has been employed with NSW Health for three years and has experience working in directorates such as Medical Services, Remote Health Services, and the Chief Executive Unit which has allowed Monica the opportunity to delve into corporate media relations and project support work.

Over the two-year program, Monica is excited about embracing this new opportunity to deepen her understanding of health, its various services, pillars, and specialty networks. She is grateful for the opportunity to take part in the HMIP and to identify and nurture her leadership and management skills, aligning with her aspirations for future career development.

Outside of work Monica enjoys camping, spending time with family and friends, taking the dogs for bush walks, reading, and exercising.

Francis Goh

1st Year Intern

Francis is placed with the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA). His first placement is with the Hospital Costing team, where they collect cost data from all hospitals nationwide. He arrived in Sydney in 2018 and graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical sciences from Macquarie University.

Francis has a strong interest in many areas of healthcare and is very passionate about enacting change through systemic reform. He believes the future of a sustainable healthcare system requires a new outlook in the way we think and view health. He hopes to design cost-effective models of care, pioneer artificial intelligence integration, and guide the healthcare system towards a preventative model.

Francis is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the HMIP as he believes that this program will help in building him into a capable health leader.

Anja Ivkovic

1st Year Intern

Anja has joined the HMIP through Macquarie University Health (MQ Health), MQ Health is an integrated academic led private healthcare organisation and teaching hospital located on the Macquarie University Campus in Sydney. Anja will continue her work with MQ Health Sciences Centre alongside additional placements and projects across the organisation.

Anja holds a Bachelor of Economics/International Relations from the University of Sydney. Anja’s journey in healthcare began in her role as an administrative assistant in outpatient private specialist clinics during her university tenure. Post-graduation, Anja took the opportunity to transitioned into a management role with MQ Health, assuming the responsibilities of Practice Manager for multiple specialist healthcare outpatient clinics.

Now, as an intern with the ACHSM, Anja is poised to deepen her understanding of the intricate health system over a two-year program. Her focus extends to developing a strong understanding of the breadth of Australia’s private and public systems in order to better understand how we can improve patient’s experiences and outcomes within our health system. Anja’s commitment to becoming a passionate and effective leader within healthcare is a testament to her dedication to professional growth and desire to contribute to the dynamic field of healthcare management.

Grace Jung

1st Year Intern

Grace is placed at NSW Ambulance, where her first rotation is with the office of the Chief Executive.

Originally from South Korea, Grace moved to Australia in 2008 and holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from UTS. Her professional journey includes serving as the Design Transfer Manager in the medical device industry. In this role, she contributed to the commercialisation of PCR technology, focusing on integrating innovative research diagnostic technology into commercial manufacturing.

Grace is grateful for the opportunity to be part of HMIP. Throughout the two-year internship, she aims to develop robust leadership skills and contribute positively to the healthcare system. With a diverse background, she is particularly interested in the complexity of public healthcare. She looks forward to learning more and using her past experience to make a positive impact and drive meaningful change.

Outside of work, Grace enjoys running, freediving, hiking and camping with friends.

Karen Li

1st Year Intern

Karen is currently working at MQ Health, where her rotations will be across different departments within MQ health including Macquarie University Hospital.

Karen arrived in Australia in 2008 and graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with an MBA in Professional Accounting in 2010. She started working as an inventory planner for Zimmer Biomet, a top-ranked orthopaedic company globally. She then moved into senior roles in both ZimmerBiomet and Cardinal Health, leading a team of demand planners and inventory specialists to achieve optimal inventory control and high level of customer satisfaction. Transitioning to the health sector as a Supply Chain Manager at Macquarie University Hospital in 2022, Karen is eager to participate in this internship program to enhance her skill set and leadership abilities, adapting them to the unique hospital environment. Her ultimate goal is to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the broader healthcare system in the years ahead.

Outside of work, Karen enjoys spending quality time with her three children and family. She also finds joy in activities such as baking, camping, and having picnics in nature.

Nicholas Minns

1st Year Intern

Nick is placed with the Far West Local Health District. His first rotation is within the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Directorate. Nick holds a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of SA, along with a Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Critical Care Nursing) and a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education from Flinders University.

Nick has more than 15 years of experiencing as a clinician across diverse settings both in Australia and internationally. Originating from a remote community in NSW, Nick is passionate about enhancing the equality and equity of healthcare. Nick is looking forward to strengthening partnerships and fostering collaborations to positively impact the experiences for our rural and remote communities.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Nick is a proud father of three. He finds joy in traveling with his family to explore new cultures and create lasting memories together.

NSW 2nd year interns

Tiffany Ball

2nd Year Intern

Tiffany is placed with Mid North Coast Local Health District and is currently on maternity leave with her twin boys.

Ted (Htet Aung) Kyaw

2nd Year Intern

Ted is a second-year health management intern at the South Western Sydney Primary Health Network (SWSPHN). His 1st rotation is with the Integration Team under the Planning and Performance directorate. He is eager to learn and enhance his knowledge about the role of Primary Health Networks (PHNs) in the Australian Healthcare system.

His first year was at Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (JHFMHN). He completed three rotations (Performance and Strategy, Human Resources and Drug and Alcohol) participated in various projects such as Clinical Service Plan, Employee Value Proposition and Brief Interventions and Group. He valued the support and the opportunities that JHFMHN provided him in his 1st year of internship.

He firmly believes that the HMIP is a great opportunity for him to learn and grow as a health manager and make a positive impact.

Outside of work, he enjoys watching English Premier League football matches and visiting scenic lookouts.

Olivia Sice

2nd Year Intern

Olivia is a 2nd year intern placed with the Far West Local Health District and based in both Broken Hill and the remote sites.  Olivia holds a Bachelor of Nursing from UNISA and is committed to excellent remote health service delivery that provides high quality, person centred, culturally safe and respectful care across our communities in the Far West.

Having worked as a Registered Nurse in many areas in rural, regional and base hospitals for 13 years, Olivia has a broad clinical understanding of healthcare access and delivery in the rural and remote setting.She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery M.B.B.S, a bachelor in English linguistics, and is currently completing Masters of Health Services Management from Griffith University.

Being in her last year of her internship, Olivia hopes to gain as much operational and strategic knowledge as possible to be an effective and passionate leader, promote awareness and advocate for our communities, to effect positive change and strongly promote healthcare and patient equality. Olivia wants to lead by example, empathy and compassion, staying true to her ‘girl from the bush’ roots with a strong focus on collaboration both within health and community.

Outside of work Olivia is a mother to 4 who loves to travel with the family in the caravan seeing our own backyard, has a love of animals, gardening and being in the outdoors.

Kelly Zhou

2nd Year Intern

Kelly is placed with IHACPA (Independent Hospital and Aged Care Pricing Authority) after having completed the first year of placement at Nous Group, an international management consulting firm. She will be undertaking a rotation with the Classifications team in the first 6 months of the year. 

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography) and a Master of Management from the University of Sydney. She has had clinical experience in various radiology clinics and has a strong passion for education, having worked as a consultant in education strategy. Having had consulting experience and working with government agencies for clients, she is excited to experience the work and perspectives from the other side.

Kelly is appreciative of the opportunities that come attached to being in the Health Management program and is eager to leverage her knowledge accumulated from all components of the program into practice. Outside of work, Kelly enjoys continuing her former ballet training for leisure, playing music and reading.

Curtis Dickson

2nd Year Intern

Curtis is a second-year intern at the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and is expanding on his first-year involvement in state-wide clinical implementation projects and the development and implementation of organisational change and reporting processes. In the initial phase of his second year, Curtis is engaged in the translation of innovative research into sustainable clinical programs.

Curtis possesses a Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine and brings his experience as a registered paramedic in Western Australia, primarily involved in emergency response within the community. His personal journey as a type one diabetic has also led him to provide diabetes education and training sessions, particularly aimed at enhancing the capacity and resilience of families with newly diagnosed children.

Curtis’s professional journey has exposed him to a wide array of disadvantaged populations within the community. He aspires to merge the insights gained from the HMIP with his clinical expertise and personal experience as a type one diabetic. His overarching mission is to champion health innovations and foster sustainable change, leveraging his unique perspective to make a positive impact on healthcare.