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Strategic plan 2024 – 2027


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Competency framework

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Advance the profession of health service management

The College exists to advance the profession of health service management and leadership and the careers of College members through a wide range of initiatives that develop and support health leaders now and into the future. We have researched and established what the core capabilities are for effective and impactful healthcare leaders. Our competency framework gives us direction in all that the College does. And the College is aware that membership organisations must always be striving to provide value in an ever-changing world where choice of accessing training and learning abounds.
In the coming four years, the College will be a leader in assisting our members to grow and to learn – where learning “…is the transformative process of where we take in information – when internalised and mixed with what we have experienced – changes what we know and builds on what we do. It’s based on input, process and reflection. It’s what changes us”. (From The New Social Learning by Tony Bigham and Marica Conner).
We will increase our capacity to develop and deliver cost-effective professional development for members; introduce a professional credentialing process (Certification) for members closely linked to well-researched and globally respected competency frameworks; and to then advocate and promote the professionalism of our Certified members to employers and key stakeholders. Being a College member and certified will count.

No-one solely owns leadership and so we will reach out widely to form networks of growing and learning healthcare leaders and managers, because we all know we can always improve and do better. We acknowledge that health leadership is a global profession and we will reach out, support and enhance our networks in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong as well as to our neighbours in the Middle-East, the Indian Ocean Rim, Asia and the South Pacific.

2024 – 2027 strategy summary

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Strategy 2024 – 2027 summary



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Better leadership. Healthier communities.


To equip, connect and inspire health leaders.


College members act collectively to enable: Empowerment | Innovation | Collaboration | Learning | Respect |