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All ACHSM members benefit from powerful career-expanding opportunities.

Our mission is to develop health managers and leaders who transform the quality and value of services, and health outcomes of the community.



We help you build sustainable networks with experienced managers.



You will attain the key tools of professional development in health leadership.


Career options

Health service managers operate in literally hundreds of different management roles. From community health centres to large private and public hospitals, from aged care facilities to specialist medical services, policy roles within government to major infrastructure projects, and from indigenous health care to the military, healthcare managers are responsible for delivering healthcare in every part of society.

To understand where you should start depends on your area of technical expertise and in what part of society you want to make a difference. Being able to get good advice via access to professional resources such as a mentor, accessing jobs boards and employment notices, and having the opportunity to meet and listen to other healthcare managers will also greatly assist you in making a successful transition to your career as a healthcare leader.

The College provides all these opportunities to its student members.


It is vital that the first step in your career is in the right direction. With a wide range of opportunities available to build a successful career in healthcare management, you must get the support you need to make good career decisions from the beginning. When you join the ACHSM as a student member, our commitment to you is to:

What healthcare managers do

Healthcare managers are collectively responsible for managing many billions of taxpayer dollars in an industry comprised of more than 750,000 staff – Australia’s largest workforce.

Watch the video to understand how healthcare is a career path offering an enormous variety of exciting management possibilities. Healthcare managers work in a wide range of roles from strategy to operations, in every possible workplace setting from small health practices to entire health systems, in every community from urban and rural to remote.

Health Service Managers are bound by a common goal of wanting to make a difference in their respective communities – they do this by managing the systems and people who deliver healthcare on a daily basis around the nation.