Episode 1, 2019

Mental health

Featuring the latest thinking on mental health and strategies and innovations that are improving outcomes.

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1. Headlines

Welcome to Health Leader TV! Episode one speaks with industry leaders and features organisations working on issues surrounding Mental Health.

4. Interviews from ACHSM Congress on Mental Health

Health Leader TV spoke with key players on the Gold Coast about key challenges and opportunities ahead concerning mental health. Including Ashley Bloomfield, Leanne Wells and Neale Fong..

7. Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (PHN)

Taking a community-led approach in designing health programs, MPHN are promoting positive attitudes towards mental health to prevent illness and suicide. Take a look at some of their programs that cover 250,000 Australians across 140,000km squared.

2. ACHSM President Dr Neale Fong interview – Mental health

We speak with the College President about the importance of addressing the mental health concerns both within communities and within our healthcare organisations.

5. Rural and Remote Mental Health

One in five Australians experience some form of mental ill-health each year, with often our rural communities being those most impacted. We take a look at RRMH, who design and deliver tailored early intervention and prevention-based programs to improve outcomes of these communities.

8. Credits

3. National Mental Health Commission (NMHC)

Working towards a 2030 vision for revamped mental health services, we look at the NMHC's Connections Project: getting communities fully involved in the engagement and system-design process of what they envisage suicide prevention to look like.

6. ACHSM March One Day Conference Interviews on Rural Health

How can we deliver better care outside of metropolitan centres? That's the question we asked of leading figures at ACHSM's One Day Conference in March this year. Hear from Anna Burgess, Megan Cahill and Glenn Keys AO.

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