Episode 2, 2022


HLTV reports on how time and budget pressures are being overcome with a fresh new approach to delivery, quality and standards.

1. Welcome

Introduction from Jo Pearson.

2. CARE 24-7

For many hospitals, it’s the Emergency Department that attracts most attention – particularly when high demand for services leads to longer-than-ideal wait times.

Mike Sexton investigates the doctor-led organisation, CARE 24-7, whose collaborative outsourced Emergency Department model is promising an efficient and profitable alternative.


The health services sector has always been driven by an uncompromising commitment to quality and the highest possible standards.

But when caught between the forces of growing demand and available dollars, this can be a difficult balancing act – especially for busy hospitals.

We talked to Leaders in the sector about how they are meeting that challenge.


As resources become ever tighter, it becomes easier for those in most need, to fall through the cracks in the system.

Natalie Wynne reports from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where an organisation called ‘Sunny Street’ is removing some of the barriers to health care for those in need.

An idea that began in a car boot, is now turning lives around.

5. Goodbye/credits


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