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Welcome to Health Leader TV, an innovative online news-style program about the health management industry, which ACHSM has created in partnership with ASN Media.

Presented by experienced broadcast journalists, Health Leader TV features interviews with experts and industry professionals, news reports, and in-depth editorial profiles from ACHSM members and leading organisations.

The opinions and products shown in Health Leader TV do not reflect endorsement by ACHSM or its members. For more information about Health Leader TV, please contact ASN Media.

Episode 1, 2022

In episode one, we explore some of the exciting innovations in digital technology and the opportunities presented by robotics, microscopy and wearable health monitoring.

Episode 2, 2022

Episode 2 of Health Leader TV 2022 looks at how the sector is responding to time and budget pressures with ever-improving delivery, quality and standards for a more resilient and sustainable healthcare future.

Episode 3, 2022

It’s a sobering statistic, that one in four Australians have at least two chronic health conditions. The challenge of providing services to such a large slice of the population won’t be met by simply providing ‘more’, but by showing leadership and recognising the opportunities to do things a little differently.

Episode 1, 2019

Featuring the latest thinking on mental health and strategies and innovations that are improving outcomes.

Episode 2, 2019

We look at some of the latest innovations and technologies that are having a positive impact on systems and outcomes across the industry.

Episode 3, 2019

At the heart of the healthcare industry, sits the various systems that are in place to deliver care. We look at the latest thinking and innovations that can improve health systems.

Episode 1, 2018

Featuring the latest thinking on what can be improved within the current health system to improve services & outcomes.

Episode 2, 2018

Featuring work at a population health level, as well as the latest strategies to tackle mental health concerns.

Episode 3, 2018

Featuring work across health innovation and research, helping to drive the industry forward and support better health management.