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AI and Innovating in Healthcare

AI and Innovating in Healthcare

Implications for the workforce and access to healthcare in regional Australia

How can Australia’s healthcare workforce and system provide equitable access to good healthcare for people in regional/remote Australia, by innovating with emerging AI and/or point-of-care diagnostic technologies?

Who is this for?

Healthcare leaders/planners, healthcare practitioners, members of the AI/Machine Learning and Innovation Communities of Practice, anyone interested in innovation and the future of healthcare in Australia.

What’s included?

This event will showcase some emerging technologies and discuss workforce implications of these technologies, plus create an opportunity to explore key issues associated with implementation and encourage exploration/discussion of what could be next.

FREE National Innovation Month event

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Thursday 4 July 2024

Join this expert panel for provocative presentations to inform and inspire discussion about what could be next in remote healthcare delivery.
Click on the timeslot link relevant to your location below to join the Microsoft Teams meeting for this event.
Registrations will not be taken via ACHSM’s regular event registration system.
This event will be open to registrants who may or may not be employed by the Australian Government.
If you are an Australian Government employee and have a ‘.gov.au’ email address, please formally register via the Australian Government’s Data and Digital Professions members’ community website. This will allow you to add the event to your calendar and receive a reminder when it is about to begin.
If you are NOT an Australian Government employee, you are still very welcome to attend this event online via Microsoft Teams, but you will need to set your own calendar reminder and click the relevant timeslot below to join in as you will not have a formal registration.
The Digital Professions Platform is the landing page where anyone with a ‘.gov.au’ email address can become a member and join a range of communities of practice. It is hosted by the Australian Government but is also available to state and territory public sector employees.


12pm – 1pm

NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas, Qld

12.30pm – 1.30pm


Dr John F Lambert

Chief Clinical Information officer
NT Health

Dr John F. Lambert is the Chief Clinical Information Officer of NT Health and past inaugural Chief Clinical Information Officer of NSW Health.

Dr Lambert is an experienced Intensive Care Specialist and has a strong background in healthcare, including experience in community practice.

He is also an experienced electronics hardware designer and software developer, with substantial experience in digital health including recent experience in a World Class AI in Healthcare company.

He has played a key role in implementing enterprise-scale user design governance frameworks.

He is experienced in service and solution design based in human factors, cognitive science and human centred design.

He is skilled in health informatics, ICT, electronics hardware design and software development.

Dr Lambert has also worked in various roles, including as a Clinical Advisor and Digital Health Consultant. 

Prof Brian Abbey

NHMRC Leadership Fellow (Hon)
La Trobe University

Professor Brian Abbey is an NHMRC Leadership Fellow within the School of Computing, Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences at La Trobe University.

He is a co-founder of AlleSense, a company dedicated to advancing nanotechnology-based cancer diagnostics.

Prof Abbey holds postgraduate degrees in Physics, Nanotechnology, and Engineering from UCL, Imperial College London, and the University of Oxford, and received his PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University in 2007.

He has been leading the development of new optical technologies for medical imaging. He has received a number of awards for research excellence and innovation including the 2019 national Medtech’s Got Talent award for his co-invention of a rapid optical diagnostic test for early-stage breast cancer.

More recently, Brian was co-awardee of both the 2022 Eureka prize for the innovative use of technology and the 2022 Victoria prize for Science and Innovation.

Prof Sandeep Reddy

AI in Healthcare Researcher

Professor Sandeep Reddy is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare researcher based at the Queensland University of Technology, Chair of the ‘Centre for Advancement of Translational AI in Medicine’ and Healea.

Prof Reddy also functions as a certified health informatician and is a World Health Organisation recognised digital health expert. He has authored several books and articles about the use of AI in Medicine and has a medical and healthcare management background incorporating machine learning / health informatics.

He is currently engaged in research about the safety, quality and explainability of the application of AI in healthcare delivery in addition to developing AI models to treat and manage chronic diseases.

He has also set up local and international forums to promote the use of AI in Healthcare and sits on various international committees focusing on AI in Healthcare.


Maja van Bruggen FCHSM

Director Sustainability Action, NT Health / Innovation Lead, Digital Professions Platform