In their own words

Placement organisations

Over the past few years NSW Ambulance has consolidated a strong approach and commitment to leadership and management development. Since 2010, our continued involvement with the ACHSM Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) is consistent with this commitment. The HMIP provides mutual advantage to both the Intern and the host organisation by offering high-potential Interns the opportunity to develop the skills, capabilities and knowledge required to start a career in managing health service delivery across NSW; while also providing the host organisation with the opportunity to nurture the industry’s next leaders and expand organisational project capability through the engagement of dedicated program participants. As such NSW Ambulance is a proud supporter of the HMIP and encourage other organisations to actively pursue the same opportunity.
Naomi Konza, Learning & Development Program Specialist, People & Culture

The ABF Taskforce is a strong proponent for providing opportunities for up and coming NSW Health managers to learn key management and leadership skills in an innovative and challenging work environment. As a component of the ACHSM HMIP Core Competencies, this firsthand experience in conjunction with the Master’s Degree provided through the Program will assist in laying the foundation for an intern to become a successful future health services manager.
Anthony Marsh, Executive Officer, ABF Taskforce

The ACI is uniquely placed to provide Interns with exposure to a Statutory Health Authority which work directly with clinicians, consumers and managers to develop and implement strategies which will assist and support Local Health Districts to improve efficiencies in care provision and improve patient outcomes and experiences in the health system.Working with trainees provides an opportunity for us to reflect on our practice and the way that we do our work.  Part of the process of supporting trainees  involves unpacking the values and assumptions on which our work is predicated and articulating the theory that underpins our projects.  That reflective is practice benefits both the trainees and our organisation. The ACI would be very supportive of recommending the Program to other organisations.; not only have the Interns gained work experience but they have supported the organisation by actively working on projects and other pieces of work..
Lisa Cox, Director Corporate Services, Agency for Clinical Innovation

The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network supports the HMIP intern program as a mechanism to support succession planning for health mangers within our organisation. In addition we view the course content as relevant to the role and the new approach where we were able to offer the program both internal and external to potential candidates is an exciting step forward.
Annette Solman, Acting Chief Executive, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

What you see as the benefits of the HMIP:

The program is beneficial because the Intern becomes part of the organisation; they are considered a valued staff member and are expected to participate in all aspects of the organisation. This integration provides a comprehensive and positive experience for the Intern and the organisation.
Lisa Cox, Director Corporate Services, Agency for Clinical Innovation

What aspects of the HMIP value add to your Organisation:

The Interns are allocated to work within teams; this integration allows them to fully participate in various project work by adding their own input and being responsible for specific pieces of work. The Intern provides support to the Network Managers therefore adding value to the outcome of project work. 
Lisa Cox, Director Corporate Services, Agency for Clinical Innovation

Management interns

The Internship is a chance for me to look at the needs of a whole community of people accessing health care in Australia. I have the opportunity to build on my clinical training and forge a career which can affect positive change across the system, for the benefit of patients, carers, and those dedicated to providing quality health care. 
Jamie Dallimore, 1st year trainee 

The HMIP is a truly unique opportunity to gain experience in a number of management areas such as operations, finance and human resources. As an intern working and learning within a health related workplace you get to experience firsthand the challenges and achievements of a very complex system whilst being supported by the extensive network of professionals that the College attracts
Christian Jansen, 1st year trainee 

I applied to the HMIP to develop my potential as a health service manager under the guidance and mentorship of industry leaders. The programs structured balance of academic and practical experience provide a unique opportunity to consolidate an understanding of the health system while undertaking management activities in the workplace. 
Crystal Burgess, 1st year trainee 

The Health Management Internship Program allows me to advance my career by providing networking opportunities and invaluable knowledge through supervised and structured workplace experiecne. Additionlly, the Program assists Interns in developing skills professionally which contribute towards providing first class health care service.
Su-Yin Chan, 1st year trainee 

The Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) provides you with a means to transition from clinician to manager - building on your existing skills, whilst delving into the realm of the unknown – all the while being mentored by experienced members of the health management arena. The networking and cultural opportunities that you are exposed to is incomparable to anything else I have come across.
Jessica Drysdale, 1st year trainee 

Working as a nurse, my understanding of the hospital system beyond my department was limited. The Health Manager Internship Program has helped me to see the bigger picture – through practical experience, theoretical knowledge and access to senior health managers. 
Briege Eva, 1st year trainee 

The support structures set up by the Australasian College of Health Management (ACHSM) in collaboration with placement organisations is a major driver to the ongoing success and reputation of the Health Management Internship Program (HMIP). This gives Interns the best possible chance to build successful careers, which has already been demonstrated by previous graduates of the program.
Nathan Ferguson, 2nd year trainee 

I viewed the Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) as a way of fast-tracking my career into the health management space and so far I have not been disappointed. The opportunity to learn from and network with some of the senior leaders and managers in New South Wales Health is invaluable and will undoubtedly stand me in good stead as I move forward on this journey.
Will Hackworth, 1st year trainee 

The Health Management Internship Program for me is about combining my passion for health with a post-graduate qualification, professional development and experience within the health sector. This program has provided me with the stepping stones to reach my career goals.
Jess Harris, 1st year trainee 

The HMIP supports your career progression holistically, through: Academic studies – the Masters of Health Administration; Work Experience – our Work Placements; and Professional Development & Networking – the ACHSM events. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to apply for the program!
Nina Klug, 1st year trainee 

I applied for the Health Management Internship Program to broaden my experiences and skillset within the healthcare sector. I saw this program as a chance to fast-track my career, while studying for a master’s degree simultaneously. So far I’ve had the opportunity to work within varied departments, learning from senior managers and gaining insight into the different roles within health management.
Audrey Lazaris, 1st year trainee 

Deciding to apply for the HMIP was simple; the Program has provided me with the necessary training, resources, and networking opportunities to emerge as a leader equipped to face the challenges of a constantly evolving health system.
Christopher Matthey, 1st year trainee 

This program provides a structured pathway for dedicated high-potential individuals to begin a career in management. It has given me great exposure and launched me on a career pathway in line with my aspirations. I would recommend this program to anyone whose goal is to work in top-level management.
Jith Perera, 1st year trainee 

The Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) was an avenue that gave me the opportunity to leave the clinical environment and apply my knowledge and experience to a new career pathway into health care management.  The HMIP provides a distinct and recognisable pathway theoretically and practically. The opportunities are endless and have already provided me a wider scope and richer insight in the NSW health care system.
Josh Tatham, 1st year trainee 

The Health Management Internship Program has given me to the opportunity to work closely with and learn from senior management and executive level staff in the healthcare system. This has been tremendously beneficial to my thinking, capability and overall personal development as a future health manager.
Caleb Teh, 2nd year trainee 

I view the Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) as a challenging opportunity to work across areas in health I may not have originally considered. Connecting with senior leaders and managers within NSW Health provides great learning experiences, and will heighten my ability to become a successful Health Service Manager.
Michaela Ward, 1st year trainee 

The Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) gives you the keys to engage with a range of high calibre health professionals and workplaces. It allows for strong experiences in health service management and assists you to develop key management skills. For anyone wanting to take the journey of health management, HMIP is an opportunity that should not be missed.
Monique Youness, 2nd year trainee