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ACHSM has developed its Health Service Management Competency Framework for the guidance of all of its programs, to inform members of the College on the competencies they need to master and to guide employers and policymakers on the competencies they should consider when employing, leading, managing and mentoring health service managers.

The Competency Framework is intended for use within, and by, health services, organisations and systems in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. It builds on initial work of the Global Consortium hosted by the International Hospitals Federation (IHF) in 2015 and the ACHSM Master Health Service Competency Framework approved by the ACHSM Board in August 2016.

This framework provides a contemporary and comprehensive list of competencies required of healthcare leaders and managers.

Intended use

The model is organised around two overarching competency domains – Enabling Competency Domains and Action Competency Domains - for Health Management and Leadership.

Enabling competencies reflect the personal attributes of a health manager and health leader. They are what differentiates healthcare leadership as a profession.

The action competencies contain those competencies relevant to the direct work of managers and leaders in their organisation.

Importantly the competencies should not be viewed as a static set of attributes but rather as a dynamic opportunity for health service managers and leaders to continuously learn and develop their expertise.

  • Development of standards for best practice
  • Peer and self-assessment of performance
  • Use as a mentor/mentee tool
  • Planning of educational and professional development
  • Planning for human capital development and management as a key organisational asset
  • Career growth
  • Development of accreditation standards and criteria

You can also download a refer to the mapping of amendments from the 2016 to 2022 versions of the Competency Framework.


2022 Competency Framework brochure

Mapping of amendments from 2016 to 2022 versions

Analysis of self-assessment data, Mar – Oct 2022

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