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A core value of the ACHSM is that excellence in health, aged and community care relies on highly skilled and competent health service leaders and managers. To give substance to this key value the College regularly updates our "blueprint" of core competencies for health, aged and community service managers. Regular review is necessary as the range of competencies required by leaders and managers can shift in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

At its meeting in August 2016 the Board of the College approved the ACHSM Master Health Services Management Competency Framework for application across a wide span of College programs and activities.

This Master Framework is based on the set of competencies developed through an international consensus process by a Global Consortium under the sponsorship of the International Hospital Federation (IHF) and adopted in 2015. The global work is continuing under a special interest group (SIG) of the IHF known as the IHF-SIG Healthcare Management. A local gap analysis and consensus process was subsequently implemented by the ACHSM during 2015 and 2016 to adapt the Global Competency Directory to the Asia Pacific context.

Application of the framework 

This Master Competency Framework provides a contemporary and comprehensive list of competencies required by all levels of healthcare leaders and managers. It is based on five Domains of Practice of the IHF framework. These five domains are consistent with the previous ACHSM statement of competencies.The five domains of practice are:

Within these five Domains are individual sub-Domains and competency statements. This Framework will now be progressively used to guide the College's core programs:

  • Fellowship Program - aligning the preparation and assessment process to the domains of practice commencing 2017
  • Health Management Internship Program - alignment of the program structure and content, and the assessment of the interns
  • Mentor Program - refinement of the measuring tool for use by mentors and mentees
  • Professional Development Program - alignment of each of the College's events at the Branch and Corporate level to one of the Domains and for the purpose of enabling members to record their skills development against the Domains of practice and individual areas of competency.
  • University Accreditation Program - alignment of the assessment process for individual degree courses for accreditation.

All future work of these programs will be aligned to the five Domains of practice and, where applicable, to individual sub-Domains and competencies.

The College welcomes the use of our Master Competency Framework by stakeholders. Members can use the Framework to provide a broad guide to the areas of competency that they should be aiming to achieve. Employers and stakeholders can use this guide to assist their conceptualisation of the broad range of competencies required of a health service manager or leader.  

Further development

The Framework provides the basis for the development of a set of specific tools for use by College members, health service managers and leaders, employers and stakeholders that are relevant for different levels of management.

The Master Competency Framework is not, in itself, a measuring tool but provides the basis on which individual measuring tools will be developed for particular levels of management.

In 2017 the College developed a self-assessment tool for each of these specific competency frameworks. Please note that the self-assessment tool this year will not be available until late January 2021.


Analysis of self-assessment data, Mar – Oct 2022
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