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Certification workplace project guidelines

The Workplace Project is a requirement of the Certified Health Manager certification program. Its purpose is to demonstrate how you apply the ACHSM core competencies in a project setting as a leader. It is required for General Entry OR General Entry + RoE level participants seeking Certified Health Manager certification.

NOTE: The workplace project is not a requirement for Advanced Standing program participants.

Step 1: With the support of your Mentor, select a project that meets the following criteria:

  • Has been completed within the past 3 years OR will be completed within the next 18 months
  • Has a clear scope, deliverables and outcomes defined
  • Had a minimum duration of 3 months
  • You played a lead role in the project

Step 2: Submit a proposal for the project you intend to use.

Describe the project name/title, and the problem(s) it is intended to resolve, project scope, goals, time (duration).

Step 3: Once you complete the project, complete and submit a project assessment report to the ACHSM team.

The report should contain the following headings as a minimum for assessment. NOTE: additional headings and content can be added if you feel it adds value to the report.

  • Contact information: yours and your Mentor’s
  • Project name/title and a description of the problem(s) it is intended to resolve
  • Project scope, goals, time (duration) and budget (if applicable)
  • Project governance approach including decision-making, risk management, benefit management, stakeholder and change management
  • Project delivery approach such as;
    • Methodology e.g. lean, Agile, PRINCE2, Design-Bid-Build, Integrated Project Delivery etc.
    • Team roles including a description of your role in the project
    • Stakeholder engagement: who did you engage with through the project, and when?
    • Analysis techniques used: e.g. interviews, surveys, maturity assessments, root cause analysis, business process analysis, SWOT analysis, mind mapping, data analysis.
    • Your approach to resolving problems that arose through the project.
  • Project deliverables and outcomes
  • Key learnings from the workplace project. Consider a retrospective format such as liked, loathed, learned, longed for and continuous improvement opportunities.
  • How did this project contribute to development of ACHSM core competencies? Please describe in a paragraph all that apply.

To know more about the five Domains of Practice of our Master Health Management Competency Framework, click here.

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