Membership categories

Emerging managers


Available to students undertaking an approved graduate or undergraduate or vocational course of study in a health management or management stream, and are yet to embark on a full-time adult life career. Members in the Student category do not have ACHSM voting rights. Membership is FREE to all students studying a health management course accredited by ACHSM. View the list of all accredited university courses.


The Member category is specifically for those who have a strong interest in or may have just commenced their career in health management or in pursuing a health or aged care management career but may not have the specific qualifications or type of experience specified in the other membership categories.

The Member category is ideal for aspiring or emerging managers in health or aged care or those who simply want to enjoy the benefits of membership and information and services afforded by membership. It is also ideal for legal professionals, engineers or architects who have a specific interest in healthcare leadership. Members in the Member category have ACHSM voting rights and can use the postnominals MCHSM.

Established managers

Associate Fellow

You must  be able to demonstrate sufficient experience to meet the points-based criteria for Associate Fellow on our membership scoring formPoints towards the required level will be awarded for health management or management qualifications, management experience, clinical or support profession business experience, as well as other contributions to the health management profession. Members in the Associate Fellow category have ACHSM voting rights and can use the postnominals AFCHSM.

Experienced managers 


This is the highest membership category awarded in the College. To be eligible to enter the Fellowship Program you must be an Associate Fellow and score at least 25 on the points-based membership scoring form) and have at least 1 point in the qualifications category. Candidates are expected to participate in the study groups as part of the Fellowship program.

If you score 45 points or more and have more than 2 years’ experience at the Senior Executive level category (see form) you may be eligible to apply directly to become a Fellow after being accepted as an Associate Fellow.

Members in the Fellow category have ACHSM voting rights and can use the postnominals FCHSM.

Seen it all?


This is the ideal way to stay in touch with former colleagues and keep up with the latest industry news. This membership category is available to existing members who are no longer in paid employment due to retirement. Members in the Retired category do not have ACHSM voting rights. Contact ACHSM to change to ‘Retired’ membership.

Life Member

A prestigious recognition for individuals who have rendered conspicuous service to the College. Life membership cannot be applied for and is awarded by the Board. Members in the Life Member category have ACHSM voting rights.