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Volume 10 - Issue 3 - 2015

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Special Issue

Editorial: The ethics of managing health services: Why does it matter?
Authors:  G E Day and G L Casali
Pages: SI4-SI5
 pdf format Article

In This Issue
Author: D Briggs
Pages: SI6-SI7
  pdf format Article

A Taxonomic Approach to Understanding Managerial Ethical Decision-Making Approaches of Clinically and Non-Clinically Trained Healthcare Managers in Australia
Authors: G L Casali and G E Day
Pages: SI8-SI17
  pdf format Abstract   pdf format Article

The Ethics of Managing and Leading Health Services: a view from the United Kingdom
Authors: K Armit and M Oldham
Pages: SI18-SI21
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

Back to the Future: using the Ethical Climate Questionnaire to understand ethical behaviour in not for profits
Authors: D L Dark and M Rix
Pages: SI22-SI31
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

Do Health Inquiries Lead to Health System Change? What Have we Learnt from Recent Inquiries and Will the Same Mistakes Happen Again?
Authors: G E Day and G L Casali
Pages: SI32-SI38
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

Leading Ethical Decision-Making: Clinical Ethics Services in Australia
Authors: J Jones and E Milligan
Pages: SI39-SI43
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

Do our Leaders have the Technical Expertise to Lead Health Sector Reform?
Author: D Arya
Pages: SI44-SI46
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

Raising the Bar for Health Leadership in Australia
Author: A Sebastian
Pages: SI47-SI50
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

The Challenges of a Relational Leadership and the Implications for Efficacious Decision-Making in Healthcare
Authors: H Harden and L Fulop
Pages: SI51-SI62
  pdf format Abstract      pdf format Article

On the Use/Misuse of Health Research Gatekeeping Powers in Australia: an under-considered problem?
Authors: P Murgatroyd, L Karimi, P Robinson and J Rada
Pages: SI63-SI69
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article


General Supplement

Editor's Note
Author: D Briggs
Page: GS1
  pdf format Article

In This Issue
Author: DBriggs
Page: GS2
  pdf format Article

Understanding the Need for the Introduction of the Multi-Purpose Service Model in Rural Australia
Authors: L Malone and J K Anderson
Pages: GS3-GS6
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

Developing an Instrument for a State-Wide Palliative Care Satisfaction Survey in Australia
Author: M O’Connor
Pages: GS7-GS13
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

The Observer Effect: can being watched enhance compliance with hand hygiene behaviour? A randomised trial
Authors: P G M Bolton, K Rivas, V Prachar and M P Jones
Pages: GS14-GS16
  pdf format Abstract      pdf format Article

A Study on Patient Satisfaction at Khanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital
Authors: Phung Tan Le and G Fitzgerald
Pages: GS17-GS26
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

Analysis of Management Practice Strategic Planning: a comprehensive approach
Author: S Schneider
Pages: GS27-GS35
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

It’s Time: the poor culture regarding safety and quality in Australian hospitals must be addressed!
Authors: E Davis and N Beale
Pages: GS36-GS41
  pdf format Abstract    pdf format Article

Library Bulletin
Author: D Burt
Pages: GS42-GS46
  pdf format Article