ACHSM's Emerging Health Managers’ (EHM) group aims to give aspiring health leaders the skills they need to succeed.

Over the coming years, the Australian health system will see rapid changes. To bring about these changes, competent managers will be required across all aspects of the health, aged care and human services systems.

For people seeking to pursue a career or advance their position in health management, this can be a daunting task.

The EHM committee meets monthly throughout the year to provide leadership and direction for the ACHSM emerging leaders program.

The EHM group holds events throughout the year, and these are designed to meet the professional development and networking needs of emerging health managers and students.

Events include:

  • Wine and cheese evenings with industry leaders
  • Competency-based lecture series and workshops
  • Regular networking and social activities

For a list of events, and to register, visit the ACHSM event calendar.

The committee meets and organises events out of Melbourne, Victoria and the chair of the Emerging Health Managers Committee is Adam Stormont.

Want to have your say on the future of health management? To find out more about the EHM group or become involved in its committee, email us.

Annual EHM Awards

ACHSM’s Victoria Branch Council has approved its support of the introduction of an Emerging Health Managers (EHM) Awards program.

One award will be held yearly from 2017 and will be granted for an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to healthcare delivery or innovation in healthcare or leadership development within their organisation.

The 2017 recipient will be granted 1 x early bird registration for the 2018 ACHSM/ACHS Congress which will be held in Darwin.


  1.  The applicant must be an ACHSM member. 

  2. Employed within a healthcare-related industry. 

Selection criteria

1.  Outstanding contribution to healthcare operations

  • Demonstrated an ability to operationalise a consistent improvement in patient care.

  • For example, was critical in delivery of a hospital wide recording system for allergies and adverse drug reactions which has decreased the incidence of drugs prescribed/dispensed despite known allergy by 25% over 12 months (supportive data included)

  • Demonstrated an ability to operationalise translational research into practice.

  • Anything to do with operationalising a new process to comply with NSQHS. 

2.  Outstanding contribution to innovation in healthcare

  • Demonstrated ability to innovate the healthcare landscape at a local level through the introduction of a new technology, process or other aspect of change management, innovation or service redesign. 
  • Measureable difference to a strategic objective of the healthcare organisation such as:
    • Patient safety. 
    • Patient Experience.
    • Safety Leadership and Culture. 
    • Preventative health initiative. 
    • Chronic disease management. 
    • Aged Care. 
    • Community health initiative. 
    • Partnering initiative. 
    • Mental health.

3.  Outstanding contribution to leadership development?

  • Demonstrated ability to mentorship of a leadership program at either a local or departmental level of their organisation. For example:
    • Leadership Development and Mentoring Program. 
    • Safety Leadership and Culture. 
    • Developing leadership within their own team or area.

4.  A person who has shown outstanding contribution through leading teams, projects or initiatives that advance the healthcare sector. 

5.  A person who has demonstrated a key role in leading change and has a positive impact on supporting innovation.

How to apply

  1. Submit a professional biography of up to 200 words to ACHSM Vic Branch Executive Officer Julie Owen.

  2. Submit a 500 word response to the selection criteria.

  3. Attach your Curriculum Vitae.

  4. Include two professional referees (At least one must be an ACHSM member). 

The selection panel will include two Branch Council members and two EHM Committee members.

The award is to be presented at the December 2017 Breakfast Forum by the EHM Chair.