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Conference program 



8.00am-9.30am (1)

Pre-Conference Workshop 1.  ACHSM:

Decision Making for Leaders 
Professor Jill Klein, Melbourne Medical School & Melbourne Business School

Decision Making for Leaders
As we form judgments and make decisions we fall prey to predictable and consistent errors. These biases include the overconfidence bias, the confirmatory bias, the framing bias and the anchoring bias. Biases can impact the quality of our decisions and can escalate conflict. Fortunately, there are remedies that can be applied to avoid or overcome these biases.

This session will provide a discussion of cognitive biases and how we can manage them in order to make optimal decisions. 

8.00am-9.30am (2)

Pre-Conference Workshop 2. HIMAA:

Unlocking the value of ABF data

James Downie, CEO, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

Unlocking the value of ABF data

> The importance of HIMs and coding to hospital revenue

> Overview of IHPA 2020/21 pricing model

> Pricing for Safety and Quality





Official Opening


10.25am – 11.10am

Opening panel: 

  • Michael Roff, CEO, Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA)
  • Professor Catherine Stoddart, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Territory Department of Health 
  • Stephen Walker, CEO, St Andrew’s Hospital
  • Facilitator: Dr Neale Fong
The Roaring Twenties – we will ask our panel members to consider the successes and failures of the past decade, what is the state of healthcare now and what the “roaring twenties” might deliver.



11.10-11.20am  Quick break     

11.20am – 12.00pm

Keynote presentation:

  • A/Prof Tony Walker ASM, CEO, Ambulance Victoria
  • Ken Lay AO,
    Chair, Bushfire Recovery Victoria &  ​Board Chair, Ambulance Victoria
Resuscitation imperative – how Ken and Tony delivered on the leading change to lift organisation performance at Ambulance Victoria.


12.00pm – 12.45pm


  • Dr Elizabeth Deveny, Board Chair, Australian Digital Health Agency
  • Dr Karen Luxford, CEO, ACHS
  • David Swan, CEO, St Vincent’s Private Hospitals
  • Facilitator: John Rasa
Screaming Stakeholders – exploring how to lead and innovate through multiple competing influences. This panel will explore the impact on leadership of external influence and how to maintain direction and implement improvements with complex external expectations. 



12.45pm – 1.45pm



1.45pm-3.15pm (1)


  • Nick Walsh, Program Manager, Tackle Your Feelings (TYF)
  • Lockie Cooke, Founder & CEO, iyarn
  • Dr Jessica Dean, Director, Beyond Blue & ICU Registrar SVHM
  • Chairperson: Dr Neale Fong
Navigating Self Care and Wellbeing in a time of Chaos – Panel members will focus on how you focus on you whilst leading in chaotic, complex times.


1.45pm-3.15pm (2)


  • Jason Trethowan, CEO, headspace
  • Duane Attree, CEO, Health Roundtable
  • Jackie McLeod, Executive Director, Parkville EMR Project
  • Chairperson: Cheens Lee
HIMs as Healthcare Leaders - how healthcare leaders have leveraged their health information management skills to lead


3.15pm – 3.40pm




Keynote presentation: Ethics of the Everyday

  • Vanessa Pigrum, CEO, Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership
Ethics of the Everyday – with the seemingly endless roll-out of formal enquiries and investigations into organisational misbehaviour, ethics and integrity are at risk of becoming overused empty catchwords. But what does it mean on a daily basis to see the world through an ethical lens? And what does this mean for health professionals who pride themselves on having strong ethical codes? How much ethics is too much?


INSPIRATIONAL keynote presentation

  • John Worsfold, Senior Coach, Essendon Football Club
Leadership and rebuilding culture
4.45pm-4.55pm Conference close  Dr Neale Fong   


NETWORKING SESSION: including drinks and canapes