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Personal Leadership

Author: Laura Creaton

Date: February 15, 2016






As part of the ethos of being resilient, it's crucial to remain positive and optimistic when things don’t go the way you planned

As a requirement of the Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) various competencies must be achieved. Here are tips and tricks on how to achieve the personal leadership competencies. 

Competency - Determination and perseverance in achieving organisational / work unit goals

  • Always remember the value of failure – failures give you a chance to learn new ways of doing things. Always look at a failure and think to yourself “If I was to do this again, what would I do differently”
  • Have a positive outlook on things – believe you can achieve a goal, even if you think you can’t. Break a large goal into several smaller goals; this will give you a sense of achievement when something is “ticked off the list”. Set goals that are attainable and realistic.

Competency - Demonstrate energy, commitment and enthusiasm for your work

  • A reasonable amount of energy and positive attitude (without being too over the top) will encourage others to do the same
  • Always see the positives in the work you are doing, even if the task is mundane

Competency - Focus on more than one issue at any one time

  • Write down everything you need to achieve and prioritise (plan ahead!)
  • Be adaptable and willing to rearrange your schedule for anything important that arises
  • Ensure you have a solid understanding of the tasks you are involved in and be ready to give an update when required

Competency - Be resilient, remain calm under pressure

  • Remain positive and optimistic when things don’t go they way you planned
  • Persist and focus on achieving goals you have set
  • Sustain your levels of energy despite setbacks

Competency - Cope with feelings of loneliness

  • Reach out – to your mentor, your preceptor, your peers
  • Make a plan to fight your feelings of loneliness
  • Find others like you
  • Establish relationships with others in the workplace

Competency - Establish and maintain personal support networks

  • Keep in regular contact with your peers (e.g. other HMIPs)
  • Use every opportunity you can to meet new people (networking events)
  • Make use of social networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Keep in regular contact with previous preceptors/supervisors

Competency - Perceive the positive aspects of negative events

  • There is always a positive in everything you do
  • Reflect during and after each task you have done
  • Think about how you would have done things differently
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