Caitlyn Brennan

Caitlyn joined the Health Management Internship Program (HMIP) in 2018. Her current placement is with Northern Health. Throughout the HMIP she has worked at Nous Group, Management Consulting firm, the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria in the Rural and Regional Health Branch and Latrobe Regional Hospital, Traralgon in the Governance team.

Caitlyn holds a Master of Health Management, from the University of New England, a Master of Public Health, from the University of Newcastle and a Bachelor of Oral Health, from Charles Sturt University.

Prior to joining the program she worked at Albury Community Health clinically, and as a team member on a number of clinical redesign projects for Murrumbidgee and Southern Local Health Districts, she also worked as a clinical supervisor at Charles Sturt University.

Caitlyn is passionate about equitable high quality healthcare. She joined the program for the unique learning opportunity, to gain a breadth of experience across the health industry as well as to further refine her leadership and management skills.

Ren Cazar

Ren is a second year Health Management Intern, currently working at Austin Health in Corporate Governance and Audit.   Starting the program in 2018, Ren has had placements in Goulburn Valley Health, Shepparton in Clinical Operations and at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Victoria working in the Blood, Pharmaceuticals, Organ and Tissue Donation Program.

Ren holds a Bachelor of Nursing from Australian Catholic University.  With his strong clinical background in Cardiothoracic Nursing, Ren has been engaged in both clinical and organisational improvement initiatives throughout his nursing career. Prior to commencing the program Ren was also studying a Masters of Health Administration with La Trobe University.

The program offers a unique opportunity to gain rich exposure of the broader healthcare system in Victoria. The program has given him an environment for accelerated career and professional growth- building skills in leadership, strategy, policy development and strategic thinking. Ren is inspired about leveraging better consumer and client outcomes through digital innovation, human centered design and co-design.

Tegan Cotter

Tegan is completing her final six months in the program at DHHS, Metropolitan Performance Division. Previous placements include; KPMG Health, Ageing and Human Services, Western Health, Sunshine Hospital and East Grampians Health Service Executive Team.

Tegan holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Auckland and a Masters of Nursing Science from the University of Melbourne. Tegan is currently studying towards a Masters of Health Management due for completion in October 2019.
Prior to joining the program Tegan worked as a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Tegan has thoroughly enjoyed her time in the program and will be seeking full-time employment in early 2020. She is committed to her ongoing professional development, in order to help create a safe, efficient, and an innovative health system.

Lachlan Crowe

Lachlan is a second year Health Management Intern. He is completing his final placement in the health risk team at VMIA, the Victorian Government’s insurer and risk adviser. His previous placements included work in Outpatient Operations at Alfred Health, Learning and Development at West Gippsland Healthcare Group and in Cancer Strategy and Development at DHHS.

Prior to joining the program Lachlan worked extensively across the public health sector in Australia and the UK both clinically and in quality improvement project management. He holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne and is currently completing a Master of Health Management.

Lachlan joined the program for the opportunity to work and learn across the breadth of the health industry. He hopes to use the skills and experience he develops to improve health systems and service delivery.

Kylie Roper

Kylie is in her second year of the Health Management Internship Program (HMIP), joining in January 2018.  Kylie's placements have been varied from the Department of Health and Human Services in Rural and Regional Health, Performance and Strategy Division to Western Health, in the Women’s and Children Division, Joan Kirner Clinical Operations and Readiness to Move working on the Models of Care and Commissioning for the new facility. Kylie is currently at her final placement at Epworth in the People and Culture team working on Diversity and Inclusion.

Kylie completed her Bachelor of Midwifery from The Australian Catholic University in 2014. Since completing her degree Kylie has worked at a leading women's hospital as a registered team midwife. Prior to completing her degree, Kylie worked for one of Australia's largest corporations as a Learning Facilitator.

Kylie joined the ACHSM HMIP to gain experience in project management and operational management within the healthcare sector. Kylie was wanting to broaden her knowledge of the complexities of the health care system and to increase her leadership and change management skills. Kylie hope’s that through the opportunities and experiences the program provides, she can make a difference, be a positive example for her community as well as help improve health care and patient’s experience.

Victoria Warner

Victoria joined the Health Management Internship Program in 2018. She is currently in her final placement at Austin Health working in the Corporate Governance area.

Victoria’s previous placements have been in Commissioning and Performance (Western Victoria PHN), System Design and Planning (DHHS) and Learning and Development (West Gippsland Healthcare Group).

Victoria has an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and Master of Public Health from the University of Melbourne. Prior to commencing the HMIP, Victoria has research experience in areas of child mental health policy as well as diabetes research in the context of developmental outcomes in children.

Victoria joined this program to extend her knowledge of the complexities arising across the Australian healthcare system in both metropolitan and regional settings. She is hoping to develop the necessary skills to promote more coordinated systems, particularly those concerning community health and the relationships between primary and tertiary care into the future.