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Tips for adapting to change and being resilient

by Sabrina Pilla

1st year management intern

Over the past 6 months, we have seen unprecedented changes to the way we work, the way we live and the way we learn. Upon commencing my internship in January 2020, I would never have presumed I would be asked to work from home after a couple of months. Not knowing if I would return to my city office desk, the uncertainty and ambiguity of the pandemic were challenging at times. However, I had to readily adapt to meet the demands of this new, evolving world. Here are eight tips that have assisted me in adapting to change and being resilient:

  1. Connect

Connect with your team, family and friends. Make an effort to schedule in regular catch-ups, zoom calls, virtual trivia and coffees (or alcoholic beverage of choice)

  1. Monitor your mental health

Whilst working from home, it was easy to let tasks pile up and become overwhelmed. To combat this, I implemented time management systems. I set time goals for myself by using a timer and accomplishing as much work possible in that set time. I reward myself after completion (however not with too much chocolate). Additionally, I have started journaling. I have really enjoyed reflecting on my day just for a few minutes as a way to monitor my thoughts, debrief and destress.

  1. Take regular breaks and stay active

Scheduling in regular walks and keeping active helps with my work productivity and decreases stress. When appropriate, I try and schedule walking meetings to help reduce ‘zoom fatigue.’

  1. Set goals

At the start of each week, I prioritised my tasks and set daily goals for myself to help keep me on track. I ensured the goals I developed were; SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely), visible each day, and ticked tasks off as I completed them. Checking goals and tasks off my list always makes me feel good and motivates me to do more.

  1. Utilise online learning resources available

The way we learn and access to online resources has changed eminently. There are thousands of free courses, webinars and resources available - use them to your advantage! I found having too many options to be overwhelming at times, so I attempted to focus on one resource at a time.

  1. Make an effort to build a professional network

As an intern during the pandemic, it has been particularly challenging to network and build connections. Scheduling in some time to get aquainted with mangers helped break through some of the personal barriers, making working from home a little easier. It also gave me some insight into how those management level positions got to where they are today and has given me insight on possible career paths.

  1. Remember to switch off

Make an effort to disconnect from work at the end of the day. I had to set clear boundaries with myself when working from home and turned off email notifications after hours to avoid distractions.

  1. Have fun and stay grateful

Remembering to have fun and being appreciative during this time has helped me enormously. Ruminating on the negatives of the pandemic has been unhelpful.Instead, I write down one thing I am grateful for each day. This has improved my mood and optimism, assisted in adapting to change and becoming more resilient.

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