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From the suburbs to the city

By Ian Campelj

1st Year Management Intern, Vic

I was so excited to learn that I had a place in the ACHSM Intern Program, and even more excited when I found out that my first placement of the Program would be in the city.

I come from a clinical background in allied health and have worked in my own practice in the fringe suburbs of Melbourne. However, I quickly realised that the biggest change I had to adapt to wasn’t the move from clinical practice to a corporate environment, or even the new intern label, but simply that I would be working in the city as opposed to the quieter outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Here are five changes that I have experienced during this transition.

1. Getting the train to work

I am used to driving to my practice and driving 40-50 minutes really restricts what you can do in that time; it is essentially wasted. But what a difference getting the train has been.

I have spent this invaluable time in many ways; including listening to music; watching soccer highlights from the night before; catching up on my favourite podcasts and even reading university or work materials.

The vast majority of trips have been pleasant, quiet journeys, although on odd occasions I have been squashed in like a sardine; completely drenched waiting outside as flooded tracks suspended my train line; and even headed back to work once because of lengthy delays.

I have even had the odd intriguing conversation with a stranger that wasn’t glued to their smartphone screen!

Never a dull moment.

2. Gardens

The working days in my clinical practice were fast paced, with little opportunity to take a decent break.. I would quickly eat my lunch in between patient consults, if I was lucky!

I have appreciated the opportunity working in the city to take lunch breaks in and around Melbourne. It is a short walk down to either Carlton Gardens or Fitzroy Gardens, with both providing a peaceful, calming atmosphere.

3. Street art

There are some absolutely stunning street art hot spots in Melbourne. I have found myself getting off at different stations in the city loop in the morning, just to accommodate walking through one of the many small, quirky laneways Melbourne has to offer.

After downloading a street art walking map, I have been to many hotspots and seen some absolute gems, with some of my favourites being Hosier lane, AC/DC lane and Rankins lane.

4. Coffee

Melbourne is a coffee lovers paradise, if you know where to look. Without being a coffee snob, I am a big fan of sipping on a quality short black amongst the characteristic hustle and bustle of the city.

Degraves street is the perfect balance between great coffee and atmosphere. It impeccably sums up Melbourne, and even has a bit of street art to round off the experience.

5. Quick catchups

I enjoy catching up with friends after work from time to time. Despite the speedy nature of the name, a “quick” catchup for me used to involve the lengthy process of getting ready; driving to the meeting place; having a quiet drink or bite to eat; and the trip home. And it was usually at the same boring place as always.

Catching up with friends in the city is not only so much quicker, but also so much more fun!

Whether we meet at a quirky café, low key rooftop venue or one of Chinatown’s fine establishments, it is always somewhere new and fun to explore.

Initially I didn’t consider that the city lifestyle change would be a significant factor in my day to day life. I can confidently say that being surrounded by the vibrant city culture in Melbourne has enhanced the fantastic experience at my Department of Health and Human Services placement.

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