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Tais Lildaree
Tais Lildaree

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An Insight to a Placement at a Department

Author: Kelly Hayden 

For my third placement I was based at the Department of Health and Human Services in the Metro Performance Team.  The Metro Performance managed the relationships between the metro hospitals and the department and was responsible for monitoring their finance, governance access to care, quality and safety performance against the Victorian Health Services Performance Monitoring Framework. While at the department my role was to conduct a state-wide review of 24 hour ED breaches, a KPI of the framework. The review involved visiting health services and consulting managers and executives to understand the challenges in meeting the current KPI, strategies and resources needed to improve state-wide performance. This opportunity provided me great exposure to understand some of the system challenges and how they manifest and effect service delivery.  Another component of my role was to develop the policy and business rules outlining the department’s responsibility in monitoring and regulating the accreditation of health services in relation to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. I was also in charge of preparing monthly and quarterly performance brief to Minister. In preparing the brief, I was required to co-ordinate input from various areas of the department including Safer Care Victoria, Mental Health and VAHI.

I was particularly fortunate in my placement as I was able to act up into the Performance Lead role. This meant I was the primary contact person in the DHHS for the executive team of two health services.  A key part of the role was preparing for the quarterly performance review between the health services and the Director of Commissioning, Performance and Regulation. This involved collecting information from the health service, Safer Care Victoria, Mental Health and VAHI to inform the performance rating the health service would achieve for that quarter. I was responsible for having discussions with executive around setting their budgets and performance targets for the following year. I also responded to their queries for funding and participated in workshops relating to capital expansion. I really enjoyed my time at the department as it provided me with a broader understanding healthcare sector and government; and how the two interact. It also assisted me in developing my professional networks which has been helpful in continuing on in the program.

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