How to register for ACHSM events

How to register for ACHSM events
Information on how to create an account to register for ACHSM events.

To register to attend an ACHSM event, you need to have an account and be logged in, whether you're a member of the College or not.


If you are not already signed in: Click here to sign in; LINK
(if you are already signed in the bar at the top of the screen will say Sign Out)

(but have not logged into our new system since its launch on 1 Oct 2016)

In the sign-in panel, enter the email address associated with your ACHSM account in the Username field. Under 'I don't know my', click on the 'username' link.

Other members

Sign in using your ACHSM username and password.
If you experience any technical difficulty, please call +61 2 8753 5100 or email


You will need to create an account to log in to register. CLICK HERE
If you think you may already have created an account or are unsure, please call +61 2 8753 5100 or email

To register someone else - using your account
To register someone else sign into your account (if you don't have any account, create and sign in), select the event you would like to register for, then click the 'register someone else' button at the bottom of the page. Once you have clicked this button you can check to see if the person you are registering is in our database already by typing their surname in the 'select an existing contact' field. If they do not appear you can create an account for them by clicking 'add a new contact' and entering their details. You can register as many people on your account as you wish.

To get a copy of your invoice
To retrieve a copy of your tax invoice,
sign in to ACHSM to view your profile page on our website.

Click on the 'Participation' tab at the top of your profile page, then scroll down to find the relevant invoice. When you open the selected invoice, you will see a button to convert it to a PDF.

Read our refund policy

Important information about ‘pay later’ option – please read

If you choose ‘pay later’ when registering for this event, you will have until 72 hours before the event’s scheduled start time to pay the full amount owing on your invoice. If you fail to settle the invoice by the deadline, your registration will be cancelled and you will need to re-register to secure your spot.

Please note that you can only access the ‘pay later’ option when paying for your event registration up to 72 hours before the event’s scheduled start time. After this deadline, ACHSM will no longer accept online registrations and you will only be able to register over the phone by calling 02 8753 5100 and paying for your registration immediately using a credit card.
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Member & Non-member who have an account sign in below to register (username is your email address)